Sound On!!! “Never in the field of human affection had so much been given for so few attention.” Discuss 😂 So I had a job for a client that had a polo game recently and here’s what I decided to do with the few clips that didn’t make edit. What do you think? About the images, and the song particularly. Benjamin Clementine is someone I don’t usually listen to except when I want to edit videos to his songs. But the few times I did, he’s a DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP song writer and his voice..... ohhhh unconventional!😀 There’s a message I am trying to pass along with this short narrative, what do you think it is? #storytelling #filmmaking #broll #cinematic #horses #polo #lagospolotournament #lagospoloclub #coldstonecreamery #dominospizza #pinkberry


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