I know it is not perfect, it was my first time doing edit on Kate so i think it's alright for beginning. {apps}:Prequel,Vaporgram tags: __________________________ #katebush #wutheringheights #lionheart #thedreaming #houndsoflove #sensualworld #artrock #artpop #edits #fanedits #fanarts


if you search Garfield Kate Bush the second slide will show up


guys I got a very cool Garfield plush do y'all wanna see


I cannot believe I own this now. 1985 mail order exclusive Kate Bush “Hounds of Love” tee. Not commercially available, only thru EMI via a randomly inserted form in the original pressings of the record. I have been trying to find this shirt for ages and to finally own one that is practically in new condition despite being released 35 years ago is a miracle. I know, I know... “it’s just a shirt” but this record means so much to me and to own such a rare part of its history is in a weird way, a light in these strange times. #katebush #houndsoflove


#KateBush #HoundsOfLove #1985 #AlbumCover #ArtRock #ArtPop #AlternativeRock #PopRock #AvantPop Tracks (1) Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) (2) Hounds Of Love (3) The Big Sky (Special Single Mix) (4) Mother Stands For Comfort (5) Cloubusting (6) And Dream Of Sheep (7) Under Ice (8) Waking The Witch (9) Watching You Without Me (10) Jig Of Life (11) Hello Earth (12) The Morning Fog


Kate Bush Hounds Of Love 1985 EMI US Marble Vinyl Audio Fidelity LP


Hounds of Love by Kate Bush, UK 1st Press with original lyrics sheet inner on EMI (1985). I first heard this album on holiday in the Isle of Wight and it always reminds me of that time. I have a few Kate Bush albums on vinyl but this is my favourite by quite a margin! It’s one of those albums with its own atmosphere - mysterious and enigmatic, especially the B Side, “The Ninth Wave”. One of those albums I just never get bored of - and one of my all time favourites! #katebush #houndsoflove #emi #emirecords #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinylcollector #records #recordcollection #recordcollector #vinylcollectionpost #myvinylpost #nowspinning


Doggy Day Care Daze 🥊🤣 #houndsoflove


I'm a bit late to the party on 2016’s #HoundsOfLove; I hadn't heard about it until recently. But, a 'disturbing #AustralianHorror!?' - IM SOLD. 💀💀 ‘Vicki Maloney is randomly abducted from a suburban street by a disturbed couple. As she observes the dynamic between her captors she quickly realises she must drive a wedge between them if she is to survive.’ 💀💀 Like many Australian Horror's this is a meaty and layered film. Character development is given to each character, and thus creates this emotional drama that slightly allows us to sympathise with this deranged couple. And it's this emotion that Vicky uses to her advantage to try and escape the Horrors of her abductors. It was great to see #AshleyCummings, who I'd recently seen in #NOS4AU, and a small role for #Wentworth's #SusiePorter. I'd never seen #EmilyBooth and #StephenCurry before, but they delivered strong performances! 💀💀 Thanks to @thepygmygiant I found out this is actually based on a true story, and the deranged couple, the #Birinies were actually compared to that of UK's 1960's notorious #IanBrady and #MyraHindley. The ending of the film differs greatly from the True Story. Who’s seen this? #FishBoiViewingPleasure


#meandmyalbum Hello, my favourite album is Hounds of Love by Kate Bush. Draw yours! You know, for fun!


Klassikko-keskiviikosta päivää! Tänään päräytettiin Kate Bushin upealla Hounds of Love -albumilla, joka julkaistiin syyskuussa 1985. Kotistudiossa nauhoitettu pop-musiikin kulmakivi ei jätä kuuntelijaansa kylmäksi. Albumia pidetään Bushin yhtenä parhaimmista, joten täytyihän se nostaa esille myös MUSAMUSAn klassikoihin! Lisää jorinaa albumista tarinoiden puolella. Pistäkee kuunnellen, ystävät! 🔮🎙🌿🎶🪐💫 . . . #klassikkoalbumi #musamusapodcast #katebush #houndsoflove #runningupthathill #classicalbum #popalbum


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